5 stars!!!! We have 4 little girls who just love Rose!!! We love the fact that they can stay in their environment and that holds their anxiety down, also it is nice to have someone bring in the mail, water the plants, and keep that lived in look going while we are away. We will always use Rose's Peace of Mind Pet Care......Thanks for everything, Rose!!
-Vicky Rivait
Shelbyville, TN.

Photo Gallery

Oscar and Little Bit playing in 1997.
Little Bit playing with her doll.

Quito (born in Quito, Ecuador). He is about 3 years old in this photo.

Oscar welcomes Rose home from Iraq in 2005.

Kitty Karly playing in the barn.

Family road trip.

Susie enjoying a nice fall day.

Susie and Wally love the outdoors.

Little Bit and her daddy napping.

Bath time for Quito.

Cain and Able.

Oscar - such a faithful friend.

Quito relaxing on front porch at Grandma’s house.

Little Bit - We brought her and Oscar home on the same day in 1996.

Rosie and Sampson helping Rich plow in March 2010.

Freckles, a stray that we fostered until Wilson’s dog rescue could take him.
Sampson enjoying the snow. Such a sweet dog, he has been sent to N. J. for placement
Such a sweet dog, he has been sent to N. J. for placement.

Susie and Rose on our property after a heavy snow.

Sampson (left) and Hoss (right) posing for the camera
Rose, Rich and their pets
Family Photo 2007
Rose, Rich and their pets
Family Photo 2008